Thursday, July 3, 2014

Building Focus: Wiltern Theatre, Part Deux

We wrote a post on the Wiltern Theatre before, but after checking out another concert there recently and posting pictures and getting requests for more pics, we thought it was worth doing a follow-up post and giving this Art Deco gem some more love.

Take time to explore every corner of this historic building.
One caution about attending a concert at the Wiltern: You might miss part of the show because you are walking around taking pictures of everything! Try to arrive a little early so you can take in the glorious, detailed exterior (make sure you look closely at the the panels that cover the Pellissier Building, which houses the Wiltern) and lavish entrance and explore the rotunda area before the music begins. And for lots more info on this historic theatre (along with 29 other Old Hollywood-inspired spots in Southern California), check out our book From the Corner of Hollywood and diVine, available at

Waves, suns, and images from nature are all around the Wiltern!

The rotunda is a perfect place to relax before the show.

A glamorous place to find refreshment.

It's easy to get distracted by all of the Deco as you head to your seat.
Inside the auditorium, where the sound is as great as the decor.
Now THAT is a ceiling!

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